We’re already familiar with the fact that Yoga helps us cure, or at least control many problems in today’s time. Besides practising physical postures, breathing exercises and developing a spiritual awakening- Yoga can overall provide all sorts of mental and physical benefits.In this article, we will be talking about how beneficial Yoga is for women with Breast Cancer. Breast Cancer is actually a very common type of a cancer that comprises 14% of women among rural and urban areas.

Let us take a look at certain Yoga Asanas that can help prevent Breast Cancer:

1.Marjariasana or Cat/Cow Pose- Sit down on your Yoga mat relaxed breathing in deep for a few minutes. Once you feel that you are relaxed enough, go all fours on your mat with your knees right under your hip bone and your palms placed under your shoulders. Open your shoulders wide keeping your back straight. Your belly should be tucked in as well. Now while you’re in that position, inhale deep and move your chin inwards your chest while pushing your back upwards in a round position. Counter-curve your back while bringing your chin upwards and exhale. Repeat this asana for a few minutes and slowly release yourself by coming back to your initial sitting position.

2.Matsyasana or Fish Pose- Traditionally, Matsyasana is performed by stretching both your legs out. Now you have to lay yourself down- not entirely. And while you are laying yourself down, place both of your elbows on the mat. Stretch out your chest outwards a little while you inhale. With that, take the crown of your head backwards placing it on the mat. Exhale while you’re doing this. Release yourself out of the posture by exhaling. Bring all the pressure on your elbows and push yourself up sitting.
3.Akarna Dhanurasana or Shooting Bow Pose- Stretch your legs forward. Now things get a little tricky here. Take your left hand and hold the thumb of your left leg. While with your right hand, hold the sole of your right foot and just like you stretch an arrow, stretch the right foot with your elbow stretching outwards placing your right foot next to your ear. Inhale. Stretch yourself while you do this as that’s the whole point of this asana. Practise it using both your feet. Release yourself slowly by sitting straight with your legs stretched outwards.
4.Vakshaswasana- Lie straight on your back, absolutely relaxing yourself. Your palms should be placed next to your hips facing upwards. Now what you have to do is inhale and push your chest upwards. Stay in that position for a few seconds or maximum, a minute. Exhale and bring your chest down on the ground relaxing yourself again and releasing yourself from the asana.
5.Sarpasana or Snake Pose- For performing this particular asana, make sure you’re lying flat on your belly with your forehead touching the ground. Now interlock both of your hands and place them above your hips. Inhale and pull yourself up by pushing your chest upwards. Stretch yourself such as if someone is pulling your from your interlocked hands. Hold yourself in that position for a few seconds. After that, exhale and release yourself from the position by returning to the original laying-on-your-belly position.
6.Balasana or Child’s Pose- Start by sitting on your knees and relaxing yourself for a few minutes. Now come to a table-pose. After that exhale and bring down your hips to your heels, but this time leave your arms stretched out with your palms facing the floor. Bring your forehead to the ground. Stay in this position for 4 to 12 minutes then slowly release yourself. Place your palms under your shoulders and push yourself up gently.
7.Virabhadrasana 2 or Warrior Pose 2- Spread your legs apart and inhale. Spread out both your hands particularly with your palms facing inwards. Now bend the right toe and your right knee outwards stretching it straight and firm. Look towards the right side straight ahead. Breathe and inhale while you’re in that position. Come back straight and exhale and repeat the same for your left side of your foot and knee. Release yourself by bringing your feet next to each other the way you had started.
These were certain asanas that are specifically for women with Breast cancer. By practicing these yoga asanas daily, one can experience a better sleep cycle, no fatigue and no joint pain. Survivors have claimed to have been much active in their lives after practising Yoga daily for at least half an hour. Therefore, it can be said without a doubt that Yoga is quite beneficial for people with Breast cancer.