Cramps during periods can be very taxing for women. While caffeine and chocolates are good for satisfying your cravings, they aren’t ideal for a perfect relief. Some women prefer popping pills to relieve themselves from the severe pain, but the truth is that popping pills every month isn’t good as you can go through a serious gastrointestinal side effect in the future.

The truth is that menstrual pain can be curbed and the reason is simple- Yoga! This article will be providing you some Yoga asanas that can help you curb menstrual pain.

1.Balasana or Child’s Pose- Start with sitting on your knees absolutely relaxed and slowly move your hands ahead lifting up your back in a table pose. Exhale and lower the hips to the heels while bending your forehead to the floor. You can either spread your knees apart or keep them together- whichever way you’re comfortable. Your palms should be opened and should touch the floor. In case the pain is too much, you can place a pillow under your stomach as well. When you’re in this position, breath in and out slowly relaxing yourself that way for a few minutes. To release yourself out of this asana, place your hands under your shoulder and inhale while you lift yourself up.

2.Supta Matsyendrasana or Reclining Twist- Lie flat on your back with your arms spread out at shoulder level. Bend the right knee and cross it out of the left leg close to the left knee. Use your hand to push your right leg down to touch the floor. Even if your knee doesn’t touch the floor, it’s alright. The focus should be on the twist. Stay comfortable and relaxed in this position for a few minutes. Do make sure that you are breathing as well. Stay relaxed that way. After a few minutes, lift up your knee and bring back your leg to its place stretching it out. The same process has to be repeated for the left knee as well.

3.Ustrasana or Camel’s Pose- Begin by sitting in Vajrasana and ease yourself by slowly breathing in and out. Lift yourself up on your knees and spread your legs apart. Place your hands behind your back and slowly push your back forward and look upwards. Do make sure you’re breathing throughout. While you’re pushing your back gently forward, place your hands at the ankle of your feet and look upwards. Stay in that pose for a few minutes followed by breathing at the same time. Release yourself slowly by inhaling and relaxing in Child’s Pose.

4.Bhramari Pranayama or Bee Breathing- Take your index finger and place it at the cartridge of your ear and press it in. Inhale through your nose. And while you exhale, exhale while your mouth hums a bee sound. This can be done for a few good minutes and one is certain to feel relieved after this asana.

5.Dhanurasana or Bow Pose- Start by lying down on your stomach. Bend your knees bringing your ankles ahead. Hold the ankle of your feet with both your hands. Inhale and simultaneously raise your thighs, chest and head as much as you can. The weight of your body should be felt at your lower abdomen. Now slowly proceed into the asana by joining your ankles and your head looking upwards. Stay in this position for a few minutes. Slowly exhale and release yourself by bringing your legs down and spreading the weight of your body evenly.

These were certain asanas that help in controlling menstrual pain that can become unbearable at times. By sparing a few minutes a day in that time of the month performing these asanas will provide you comfort and absolute relaxation. These asanas can ease your pain so that you don’t feel extremely drained or exhausted. And this is how a few minutes into Yoga daily can actually change your life.